How to call

How to Call in a Field of Long Grass

For a cat,
Cheetie-pussy, chatty-puss!

For a dog,
Iskay, iskay!

For a rabbit,
Mappie, map-map!

For a hen,
Chookay, tuck-tuck!

For a pig,
Gussie, gus-gus, grumfay!

For a calf,
Sucky, souk-souk,
troo, troo, troo!

For a cow,
Hurlie, hurlie-hawkie,
pree-leddy, proochie, chay!

For a horse,
Coap, coap, jee-up, how!
Baak, Baak

photograph: Field at Hundland, Papay (Papa Westray), Orkney, June