image: Holy-grass in flower, May, Near the Ring o Brodgar

Holy-grass in flower 

A rare grass 
lights up the field, 
its sweet scent
is all around 

a shimmer-grass 
glows with the light 
given off by
all living things

holy-grass has its own 
spikelets, its own
spreading flowerheads
and its own holy shape

coming into flower 
inflo — 
infloresce —

Holy-grass, a blessing
Hierochloe odorata 

Holy-grass is sweetgrass
on chapel floors strewn wide,
sweetgrass is holy-grass
by running streams fructified.

Braids of gold and green
their own scent will keep,
hung above beds serene
to bring a blessed sleep.

image: Inverted photograms of Holy-grass